Monday, May 8, 2017

Captain's log 22

So this week not much reall happened I litterly have nothing to repot other than im still alive and breathing. 

This week Ill have 2 baptisms which is sweet a young boy and a guy whos 21. Their names are rafeal and igor. 
(Ill send pics next  week )
funny thing 
This week we had a district confrence and there was this lady who gave a talk and out of the blue she said that her uncle was hit by a train and that proved that the atonement was real... not too sure how those connect but its all good...

so yea hope you all have a good week 

From Mark

Friday, May 5, 2017

Captain's log 21

Soo hows it going yall?

This week was a bummer we lost a family this week (the monkey family). Our baptism fell through also because of a pastor from some church. but theres always light at the end of every dark tunnel. One of our investigtors knows the the BOM is true and hes getting baptised in a few days or so thats sweet. His name is Igor and he 21 (missionary age) so yea thats exciting.

This week crazy stuff happened I saw some more fights and what not. there was a rock concert in town so that almost killed me. It was a biker festivle so I saw alot of really cool bikes and what not alot of homemade trikes also. (i Didnt attened with as much as wanted to) 

That was my week prety much. I dont have that much to write this week talkl to yall next week

1 this is a bridge that i have to cross to get to on of my areas

2 the moon 

3 capybara
From Mark

Captain's log 20

Hows it going everyone? 

This week was pretty eventful. First off Ill talk about the the spiritual stuff that happened. 

Spiritual stuff

We had an emergency zone confrence this week and it was probably one of my favorites. President Lacerda basically told us how to have baptisms every week and how to find people that will make progress. 

Then we have lots of people athat we are teaching but only a couple are progressing. We have a guy his name is fabrico and hes doing well he just dosent go to church which is the main problem. Then I have a Family that Im teaching here and they are awesome they are learning and progressing fast.
Crazy stuff

So I taught a monkey this week. His name is Pedro and hes the pet of the family that Im teaching. It was pretty intresting how I met him because this kid walked in to the room and had the monkey in his hands. I was there thinking ahhhh this isnt a real monkey buttt.... nope I was wrong it looked at me and started to screech. so that was a thing...

Then yesterday I went and did contacts and some woman was fighting in the streets saying stuff that should not be spoken.... so that happened...

Outside of that not much else happened here in brazil. 

Talk to yall next week! 
(picture of the type of monkey)

Inline image 1

From Mark

Captain's log 19

so hows life everyone?

This past week was transfers and I got a new comp his name is elder nunes. Hes pretty cool and Im still in the same city that I was in for the past transfer so thats cool. 
Not much happened this past week becasue of transfers and what not but this week we'll "pagar fogo" or take fire. theres not a good translation in engilsh but thats cool. 

So here in brazil some thing ive found is its a party year round which is awesome. My kind of place😂😜. They have a muis here thats called pagode thats is probably on of my favorite types its a sub genere of samba thats awesome theres a song thats pretty cool thats alled beija aqui thats pretty fun that you  hear in the streets alot thats cool. otside otf that not much else is happenening on my end

I have 15 new investigators and 5 with a baptismal date ill tell yall more about them next week 

ouot of time sorry 

amo vocês!

From Mark