Monday, March 27, 2017

Captain's log 16

hey!! hows it going you all? so this week was a good week. we had 2 investigators in the sacrament metting and they are going to be baptised here in a week so thats really awesome. They are both these ladies who are very similar and so thats nice. When they are both baptised they both will be able to support each other on the road to progressing more in the gospel. This week was an intressting one I was chased by a pack of dogs and a goose. I almost got bit by one but the rat dog had second thoughts when i turned to punt it of a cliff. Now before you all freak out and think im a terrible person put yourelf in my shoes how would you feel if you got jumped by a pack of dogs that resemble tiny rotwielers at 9 oclock at night in the middle of nowhere on a road that has no way out except the way you came im pretty sure you all would do the same. So on another note ive decided to write a book about my experiences here and what ive learned so thats fun, and eariler today i went fishing and caught some brazilian river fish so you can probably guess what were gonna eat for dinner. Then this week on thursday ill be teaching an english class to a bunch of brazilians so thats cool. In the branch im  in were trying to beef up the youth program so were going to be teaching a lot of youth here in parĂ­aba do sul. I also heard a voodoo circle of in the forest close to the house of a investigator so that was pretty creepy and dont go searching for what kind of voodoo they do here ive already seen it and trust me you want nothing to do with that. Its some scary stuff. Onto a funnier note my comp and i were drinking water in this area close to some tanks( like the kind used in war) and this homeless guy came up and asked for some water and so we gave him some and then he seranaded us with gosple music in the street and danced and sang then he stopped and started to talk  about how he was the gauridan of the city and how he sees everyone but no one sees him. Then he started to fight invisible people in the streets... so that was really funny. outside of that not much else happened. 

Heres the mircale from last week this lady that we are teaching didnt have money to buy anything to eat or anything to eat in her house and so we promised that she will have something in the next day or so. Then we passed by her house to see another investigator and she yelled at us because no one came and then not 5 min later some guy came by with food and she got some and we later found out that after she yelled at us she found enough money inside a cup on her tv stand for some bread and then the guy came by selling bread for the exact amount that she found

Also for those of you that care here in two weeks or so ill be hitting the land mark of 6 months on the mission 

So yea thats been my life here in the mission.

Hope to hear from yall soon!

From Elder Mark Bledsoe

Captain's log 15

so this week was good we had some miricles happen 
but before that ill talk about what happened so two new missionaries showed up on our door step the other day at like 1 am so we have some new people in the house and this week we had another zone confrence which was pretty sweet outside of that not much that was intresting happened.

ive also decided to make bamboo pens so if anyone wants one let me know. i dont have that many thing to do on pday so i make bamboo pens. and ive also decide to write a book or two so ill keep you updated on how thats going. 
im almost fluent in portueuse im just working on grammer right now 

and come back next week to hear a miricle  because im out of time!

From Mark
Love you
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Captain's log 14

So this week was pretty cool i have some cool stories 

so this week started off with a fishing trip that was a bust we didnt catch a thing minus a cold but it 
all got better from there i got to watch 17 miricale this past week in portugeuse of course and i understood everything which is nice! then dthe nextr day we met this guy who straight up fell out of the sky and now we have a new investigator who is awesome. then later this past week we had a baptism but heres the catch the kid has a phobia of water so i had to tackle the kid like american football style to baptise him. (his parents did say anyway possible) then afterwards i felt like our house needed some green so i bought a bonsai tree to take care of for like 6 bucks so yea. then sunday we ate lunch with the president of the branch and he was explaining some alien story that his friend had here in brazil and he made some movement with his hand and when he did this super sinister sound happened and everyone freaked out turns out it was a ring tone 

the area that im in is pariaba do sul its a small little farm town in the middle of no where brazil and its not un common to see horses just running down the road out of no where so that happens and theres also alot of storms and stuff that happens but its all good its fun when it rains theres a river where we go fishing for piranahas and other types of fish every pday and food here is cheap so thats always super nice 

here everyone loves when i show up in their district becasue ive made a name of being able to cook something form nothing and have it be good so thats cool outside of that theres not much going on i have 3 families here that i could potentaily baptise here in this transfer they only have to get married which is the hard part. Also the name of the kid i baptised is andre so yea that was my week talk to yall next week!

From Mark

Monday, March 6, 2017

Captain's log 12 and 13

so sorry i didnt send any thing last week all of brazil was shut down last week because of carnival not much happend that last week other than i was transferd to a new area called  pariaba do sul 

my first week here in pariaba do sul was pretty cool we had a crazy sand storm and rain like nothing else i saw a roof get ripped off a house and then a power line blew up over head so that was a thing other than that life here is really good we have a massive apartment and what not supposedly its haunted so well see i guess and then we have these really big centipededs in our house that will kill you if they sting you so that cool other than that not much has happened talk to you all later

From Elder Mark Bledsoe