Monday, July 17, 2017

Captain's Log 31

HEy hows it going this week!!

this week was pretty sweet i have some pretty funny stories.

I was doing a contact with this lady and some lady who was high came up and asked me if I was mormon and if I was going to kill her children agan along with some other stuff. Then she asked me if I was dead. I really wanted to say yea Im a zombie and Im living again talking about God and bringing the gosple to everyone here in brazil. but... I held back and didnt say anything it wpooould have been funny if I did though. 

so that was the funny story for the week then this week i met a family that i think will be baptised so thats pretty cool. 

thats all for this week talk to yall next week!

From Mark

Monday, July 10, 2017

Captain's Log 30

Hey everyone hows it going!

I hope the fourth of july was good! I saw a bunch of picture in the emails you all sent of the fire work. 

This week I would like talk about Back Home. This past week was the Fourth of July at times we forget what this time of your is really about. This time is a time to honor those who have fallen protecting the American Dream. A time to honor those who died in order to make this country what it is today. Living in another country has made it very apparent to me how great life is there. The american dream isnt just apart of our own country its a part of the world. Everyone else in the world has seen the things that are possible and want to be able to have the same kind progress that we have back home! Use this time to be thankful for what our armed forces have done. Be thankful for the fact that you have the freedoms that you have because some one was brave and took a stand. America is the greatest country in the world. Dont forget that. Thanks to alll of the brave men and women of the armend forces who have made all of our dreams possible.

From Mark

Monday, July 3, 2017

Captain's Log 29

Hey everyone! hows it going? 

Big news Im a district leader now so thats a cool thing.

and I was transfered to Juiz de Fora!

and so yea that was my week!

So this past week was pretty cool im working in  the mountains of juiz de fora now
so yea thats pretty much it nothing to crazy has happened recently 

From Mark