Monday, February 20, 2017

Captain's log 11

This week was good we didnt get to do much because we were off handling interviews and doing divisions and in confrences but this week i did spill rotten milk with maggots all ove my hand sop that was a thing... out side of that no much happened so yea ill talk to you all next week with more details because i ran out of time love youalll and good luck also thank you for all the mail that you sent that really helped me alot! ill send pictures next week 
From Mark

Monday, February 13, 2017

Captain's log 10

This week we are still in the delta quadrant and we brought back 2 more cadets with the help of the away team. then in the sanitation room we had a fire this week in one of the waste recepticles. we did not encounter any of the borg this week. this week on the U.S.S. Nauvoo was pretty uneventful we didnt have much happen accept the normal everyday stuff. outher than that i have nothing more to report. 

End Transmission

for those who dont understand our district had 2 baptisms this week and my comp accidentaally like the TP trash can on fire and i had no problems with sketchy people this week and i did normal missionary stuff this week.
From Mark 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Captain's log 9

So this week was a doosy, but before I go into that I would like to just give an update on what happened to Captians log 8 I was off in delta quadrant and ran into some problems with the transmission and it got lost in space. Basically the log being trasported was like gel being squeezed through a tube way to small and so it went through really slowly so I hope you all get this next one here soon. I just hope the borg dont intercept this transmission and prevent it from getting through to you all on time. hope fully you all get this ontime so that you can send help soon.

So this past week was crazy here in delta quad. i almost fell in to a space rift on monday 

Tuesday We ran into no problems with any thing. but i entered the borg ship and may have contracted some sickness

Wednesday I went to the med bay nd i found out that i had a strange disease after my adventures in the borg mothership. and i had to stay in my quarters. 

Thursday i was still stuck in my quarters under quarentine untill i was cleared by med bay 

Friday was good i went out with the away team to find a lost cadet who sent out a distress signal she was brough back on saturday i believe she was on planet Rainax later that day i recived a transmission and i told the capitan that he needed to call up the away team and tell them to prepaer to beam up. Later that day as we were prepaering to beam up we encountered some borg in the only clear area we had to beam up and so we had to wait for reinforcements inorder to fend off the borg

Saturday we had to retrive another cadet from another planet in delta quadrant Rakosa V and i prepared the teleporter for that with Cadet Elder Braga 

Sunday we had a meeting and did normal stuff and warped to another sector in delta quadrant. 

This week i will probably encounter many space rifts so please send transmissions to boost moral of the crew here in Delta quadrant! i hop to hear from you all soon! 

End Transmission

From Captian Elder Bledsoe

Captains log 8

So this week was good we had a baptism which is pretty awesome! This week was pretty good I got to go see a family I taught in another area again because I was on divisions in that area again. Then this week I got to do alot of teaching and I got to see some cool stuff and what not. I basically did normal missionary stuff and thats fun its nice to be able to set aside 2 years for studying the scriptures and teaching the people. My portuguese is getting better everyday. 

So this week I had some pretty intresting experiences I almost took a nose dive off a cliff with my comp and then yesterday we saw some guys snorting cocaine in the ally that we live in. Also one of our investigators his family got busted for durg dealing so if we go over in that area we have to be super careful because we cold get shot at. and I slit open the top of my hand with a razor blade which wasnt to bad but sure did scare me (no stiches were needed luckly) it just bled alot thats pretty much it. 

This week was pretty calm outside of that so yea talk to you all soon and i look forward to hearing from you all here soon. Also if you have anyone who wants my email shot me an email with their emails and names! I like to hear from everyone!

From Mark