Monday, January 30, 2017

Captain's log 8 /Admiral's log

Not sure what happened to what should have been Captain's Log 8 but I thought I'd share what I was able to learn from Mark for this week.

He is doing good.  He and his new companion are teaching and setting baptismal dates.  He is getting along with his new  Senior companion from Peru and his other two house mates (1 from the US, 1 from Brazil).

True to form he keeps things interesting with a close run in with a cliff (he didn't provide details, nor has he learned that there are some things you don't share with your parents until after you have safely returned from your mission). 

He is also seeing a different side of mankind, apparently drug use is quite an issue, poverty  and all the other problems that we may not experience or acknowledge when we are younger are now common place in his day.

He has found it difficult to find people to play volleyball with him on P-day, apparently he has a major height advantage.  He did mention that he is being trained by some of the best soccer players in the world though...the kids playing soccer in the street.

It seems like (overall) he is doing well, learning, growing, working hard.

I am sure Dawn would agree that it makes a parent proud.

Drop him an email if you get a chance, I'm sure he will appreciate it.

Have a great week everyone

One Proud Dad :)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Captain's log 7

So this week was pretty slow because of transfers. i got a new comp and hes from peru his name is Elder Aricari so im in Brazil speaking portugeuse with a guy from peru. how many people can say that? this week was pretty slow because of transfers and my comp got sick on saturday so thats what really happened this week and i cant send pictures again because the lan haus im at is sketchy. so yea this week was good i ate alot of good food and i can speak for the mostpart and people understand me now about 85 90 % of the time and i understand almost everything now so thats pretty nice. outside of that we didnt really have anything crazy happen accept mark another baptisimal date which is always nice. love you all i hope you all have a good week and please email me i like talking to people!

From Mark

Monday, January 16, 2017

Captains log 6

So this week was good, we did a lot of work and i finished out my first transfer in the field which is exciting and ive been out for 3 months already which is crazy it feels like it happened in a flash. then one day earlier this week we were walking in a part of town thats more poor and we saw a zombie rat... the darn thing straight up had a hole in its side bigger than a 50 cent peice and yes the rats are that big here. This week im getting a new companion for this transfer and my comp is headed to teresopolis. Portuguese is coming along very well I can understand about 90 percent of what is going on and answer about 50 percent... Im also learning spanish while Im here so thats cool! Also this week we had a lightining strike that hit the church building. and the thunder and lightining was shaking the ground. It was crazy! im convinced that in in the austrialia of brazil... everything here tries to kill you. here they have banana slugs and oneday i was walking down the stairs outside my house and i felt something super slick and i was super confused and when i looked it was a massive 5 in slug it was discusting. also on of my friends here in the mission is going home tomorrow so thats a bummer. we do alot of work here and its fun even when your soaked to the bone and freezing so i highly recommend if your thinking about a mission choose to serve because its a life changing experience that you will value for for ever.

From Mark

Monday, January 9, 2017

Captians log 5

So this week was awesome. Two weeks ago I saw my first monkey which was pretty sweet I forgot to include that im my last email. also this past week I saw this snail with a shell the size of a large grape fruit it was nuts. that and Ive already got ghost stories. I was talking to people who served in brazil in the mtc (teachers) and they all had ghost stories. But of course I have to see/ experience it to believe it for myself ill tell the story when I get back becasue I dont want to write it all. But basically something was in our house and as soon as we prayed it left, it was was nuts. 
Also this week I had my first baptism this week which was awesome! The lady in the picture is Irma Angela. outside of that this week was pretty uneventful outside of these things so I hope you all have a good week and Im looking forward to hearing from you all. 

From Mark

Monday, January 2, 2017

Captians log 4

So this week was awesome! ( forgive my spelling errors i dont know how to spell anymore because english dosent look right) I had divisions this week and I was with the zone leaders and we taught alot of lessons there was one in particular that I want to highlight. we went to the house of a investigator and she wasnt there but her brother was and I gave the part of the lesson about Joseph Smiths first vision and it was so spiritual. the guy we were teaching was brought to teaars and everyone in the room was the same way. It was awesome. then we went and visited another house and the mother there thought I looked like one of the princes in england i dont remember which one though. then yesterday (sunday) my comp and i took sacrament to this lady and i gave a message afterwards and she told me that i was an angel and that even though she had no idea what i was saying she knew what i was saying was true and that i spoke with my heart so that was a pretty spiritual experience. then brazilans are crazy i figured out where all the decorations the use are. they are in the form of explosives from christmas to new years its just constant its absolutly nuts. also im compiling a book of recipies of food from here and oh man is it going to be good. i learned how to make true brazilian churrasco ( the stuff they serve at fogo de chão) and deserts and yea its awesome. so yea ill write more next week! im out of time right now so yea i hope to hear from you all soon and i hope you all have a good 

From Mark