Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Captain's Log 28/29

Hey hows it going everyone! 

this week was good and last week also.

So heres whats happened here recently I had a baptism that was really awesome this past week(mirical). I didnt actually get to see the baptism but i saw him afterwards and he was the happiest hes been in his life. I saw hime right after and i could see that he had a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders. So yea it was an experience very spiritual for me. now you may be wondering why it was a mirical(?) its because Miguel quit crazk cocain an every drug you could think of because of the book of mormon (cold turkey) and has a testmony and dosent even know how to read. 

so yea that was my most recent baptism and what not outside of that not much else has happened so i hope yuou alll are well and ill talk to you next week
From Mark

Monday, June 12, 2017

Captain's log 27

So hows life everyone! 

this week was intresting i went to a town called sebollas thats for ever and a half away  by bus so thats cool.                                                                               jesus factor is a memebr les active who knew am i right??                                    this next week ill be baptising 2 people hopefuly. so thats pretty cool
otside of that not much happened so yea good luck everyone talk to you next week

the burgure is called trem bala or train balls 
 this is a family that got married and will be baptised here in 2 weeks 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Captain's Log 26

so this week was cool!

I had 3 people at church this week.

This week I had some cool experiences I saw 2 toucans?!  Also I met some one who lives 30 minuets from my house back in Texas. so yea his name is Jesus Factor and i have no clue why heres here in the middle of nowhere at the end of the world brazil!😂

This next week I want to answer questions so please send questions!

love you all!

From Elder Bledsoe

Captain's Log 25

So this week was litterly the most normal week Ive had on my mission I walked around and talked with people and taught people about church so that was my week.

something gross but funny (dont read if you have a week stomach) :

here in brazil theres lots of strays and they roam the streets all the time that means that they poop in the streets and they eat alot of weird stuff also....

sooooo this week I stepped in dog poo and I had a six foot string attached to my boot 

From Mark

Captain's Log 24

sooo this week was really good i ahve a baptism marked for tomorrow im working hard and im happy.

 I taught a family today that is really awesome and the only member of the group had an amazing story she broke here foot the day before the baptism and it was healed in here sleep and here father disowned here because she was baptised and now shes still active and has a calling in the stake so that was really awesome. 

I got to meet a general 70 this week which was cool. talked about how to baptise more people.

And ive decided that im going to open a restraunt when I get back.

So yea thats pretty much my week. 

Captain's Log 23

So this week is was good.

Had a baptism the guys name is igor and he is the best invistigator Ive had untill now. 

So this week is just going to be funny stories. 

So back story in the states im a pretty average looking guy but here in brazil im considered very attractive because my super tall blue eyed pasty whiteness is super rare in brazil so I get alot of looks. That and everyone thinks I look like leonardo dicaprio.

So I was walking down the street and a bunch of "homeboys" saw me and were like he looks just like leonardo dicaprio. Basically they spazed out in the street.

Then practiclly everyday I get "catcalled" in the street which is new. 

Then the otherday i went to a store to print photos that my comp had and the ladys that work there all have a crush on me and always ask the other dupla when Ill come back. 

Then another time I passed in front of some young women (when we go to eat lunch in the house of a member we  always go together, my comp and I and the other dupla, and what happens is one dupla walks about 10 feet infront and the other walks behind.) well I passed and one of the guys fronm the other dupla said that one on the women when she saw me stared at me for like 30 seconds jaw on the floor and said something alongs the lines of sweet blood of the lamb or something alon the lines of pure apostsay. 

Then another time some old lady called me gostoso.

so yea that kind of thing happens alot

Im also known as the jenga ninja now because i am really good a jenga.

so yea thats pretty much it talk to yall next week 

love yall tchau!

From Mark