Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Captain's Log 23

So this week is was good.

Had a baptism the guys name is igor and he is the best invistigator Ive had untill now. 

So this week is just going to be funny stories. 

So back story in the states im a pretty average looking guy but here in brazil im considered very attractive because my super tall blue eyed pasty whiteness is super rare in brazil so I get alot of looks. That and everyone thinks I look like leonardo dicaprio.

So I was walking down the street and a bunch of "homeboys" saw me and were like he looks just like leonardo dicaprio. Basically they spazed out in the street.

Then practiclly everyday I get "catcalled" in the street which is new. 

Then the otherday i went to a store to print photos that my comp had and the ladys that work there all have a crush on me and always ask the other dupla when Ill come back. 

Then another time I passed in front of some young women (when we go to eat lunch in the house of a member we  always go together, my comp and I and the other dupla, and what happens is one dupla walks about 10 feet infront and the other walks behind.) well I passed and one of the guys fronm the other dupla said that one on the women when she saw me stared at me for like 30 seconds jaw on the floor and said something alongs the lines of sweet blood of the lamb or something alon the lines of pure apostsay. 

Then another time some old lady called me gostoso.

so yea that kind of thing happens alot

Im also known as the jenga ninja now because i am really good a jenga.

so yea thats pretty much it talk to yall next week 

love yall tchau!

From Mark

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