Monday, April 10, 2017

Captain's log 18 (6 months)

Hey hows it going! 

Big news this week I hit the 6 month mark this week! Pretty crazy right? Captain's 
time here on the mission goes by really fast. I still feel like I was in the mtc the other day so thats pretty nuts.

This past week was eventful we baptised an old lady here this past saturday. Was a good way to end the transfer.

 Today ill find out were im going if im staying here in parĂ­aba do sul. im just wating for a phone call which probably wont come untill 4 so the anticipation is intense.

ill have my second skype here in the mission herer in like 3 weeks or so so thats pretty crazy only 2 more after that.

im learning alot here im learning about how to be more humble and how to have a greater faith in all things the only problem is is my english is getting to be aweful im forgetting alot. 

so yea that was my week here in brazil. Love you all and im looking forward to hereing from you soon

From Mark

Monday, April 3, 2017

Captain's log 17

This week was good. not much really happened anll were doing is prepping people for baptism so thats pretty much it missionary work wise.

Confrence was really good i watched it in portugeuse so that was pretty cool i learned alot and my favorite talk was probably president monsons talk. 

outside of that nothing super interesting happened this week 
heres some pictures though

From Mark