Monday, December 26, 2016

Captains log 3

So this past week was very intresting becasue of a couple things. One i can offically say ive gone spear hunting in the mission field. 2 i got to go to a baptism for a recent convert and 3 i got to call home. the last two are pretty self explanitory so Ill just leave that there but the spear hunting was way more intresting. 

So we had this rat in our house which was really annoying  and we managed to trap it in this area under the sink so of course 4 teanae guys all living in the house are cluse less so we decide to get rid of it in the best way we can possibly think of. so i got a stick and duct taped a knife i found outside the house to the end to make a spear. now while were all talking in potrtuguse were my companion said ill poke here you get it when it comes out and thats what i did. i sat at the exit ready to get the thing and it popped out and i speared the thing before it had time to react so yea it was quick and painless and yea that was the story!

From Mark

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 2. Doing well. New investigator. Exciting to talk to him Sunday

Captain's Logan 2
So Ive decided to take after my father and label my emails (weekly recaps something funny) so where to start...

Remember in my farewell talk how I said I wanted to go some where cold well i got my wish. there were a couple things I never thought I would do here and one of them is wear a trench coat but here I am wearing a trenchcoat in the middle of summer in brazil... 

So I litterly know nothing or atleast it feals that way. Im in this weird limbo where I cant speak english or portugeuse properly... and its kind of annoying but thats part of the learning process. I'm learning alot about myself in here in brazil and im really loving it. Everyone here is super nice and they give you a ton of food! Its awesome because I only really have to eat like once a day here because of what the diet is. Its tons of rice beans meat and veggies and bread to go along with it!

I have some intresting stories already earlier this week my companion and I got stuck on a mountian in the dark during one of the worst storms Ive ever been in pouring rain thundering and lightining and fog so thick that you cant see more than like 20 feet and I was using an umbrella through all this funny thing is, is it was useless becasue the reain was punching straight through my umbrella. During this we managed to find some less active members and they let us in. After we taught them a lesson we left and the rain had "stopped" bu the fog reduced our visibility to like 0 so we found ourselves walking down some dirt road in the jungle of brazil when all the sudden this power like on the side of this trail blew up and scared the living daylights out of us. I've never ran that fast in my life.

They say a mans best freind is a dog but the missionaries best friend is deffinetly not the dog...
There have been countless times already when me and my comp have been jumped by dogs. Like the other day I was walking down some sketchy ally way when this little black dog came out of nowhere and came after us. It sounds stupid but seriously its terrifying when it happens. 

Almost getting run over is a daily occurence now wether it be a bus or a car its normal so I'm pretty used to it now. I feel kinda like buddy the elf when walking across the street.

I have my first investigator now its a kid named Caio and hes pretty cool im sure hes going to be baptized. im 100% sure of it! 

Thats all I really have time for right now but I will write more next week. I have a road trip back to my area that I have to get on here soon. ( I left my area because i was in trouble with the gov ;)  )

From Mark
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Monday, December 12, 2016

First week in the Field

Boy do I have stories to tell so i havent been able to write for 2 weeks ish and thats because of transfers and what not so sorry about that. Anyway my first area is in the city of petropolis i live in a little house around ~30 feet long and ~15ft wide so thats new my companion is from brazil and only speaks portueguese so im learning the language fast. its always raining here and the house is very diffrent its all concreate and the walls have mold and its always wet. but its nice to be out doing instead of being in a classroom all day. my area is in the mountians so im climbing mouantians everyday to go to houses and what not. basically what im trying to say is im going to either die here or comeback "ripped" and by "ripped" i mean very skinny with massive legs... i just keep telling myself atleast im not skipping leg day. the area is super cool because im in the mouantians above rio and when its about to rain the clouds litterly roll over the mouantans and visibility is reduced to zero its one of the coolest most eire things ive ever seen. the best way to describe my area is the steepest climbs of philmont every single day in the blazing hot sun. so its pretty cool. onday i was walking and this crazy guy stopped me while i was walking and was started screaming how america was the greatest country on earth and how he didnt belive in God or church only in amreica and then he showed me a picture of him self in a american flag suit and yea that was intresting. Then another day my companion got stuck on top of a mouantian in a rain storm and couldnt leave because it was to dangerous and we couldnt see at all. the food is interesting i eat alot of fried hot dogs and cheese bread so thats fun ive almost been electrocuted twice and i almost get run over by busses everyday my firstday i was on a cliff and the bus drove by about 4 inches from my nose so yea thats a normal day here in Brazil.

From Mark

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First day in the field

Dear Family,

Your missionary has arrived in the Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission safely. Today your missionary had lunch at the mission home and will get to know there companion this afternoon. They will spend the night here in Juiz de Fora and travel to their designated areas tomorrow. Your missionaries are amazing and wonderful! Thank you for your love and support. Your missionary will Email and have Preparation day on Monday.

Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission

1st week on Brazil

Alrighty so Brazil is amazing this past saturday i got to go to the main street in Sao Paulo and teach people and hand out Books of Mormon and i met this kid there and he was so cool   
we met him and he wanted us to by a towel from him and so we politely declined and wallked away but then out of no where i got a prompting to go and talk to him and i wish i could say that i folowed it at first but i didnt and kept walking with my companions but something aresome happened he followed my companions and i and caught up with us and so we got to teach this little 14 year old who lived in the streets with his grandma. this boy was covered in tattoos and was super funny it was one of the coolest things ever i got to give him a book of mormon with my testimony in it and he took it back to his grandmother and yea it was awesome. thats the only real cool story that i can think of right now but the people here are so nice and it super fun to be down here i love it. i leave for the field next tuesday and yea i dont know what else to talk.about 
From Mark