Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Captain's Log 28/29

Hey hows it going everyone! 

this week was good and last week also.

So heres whats happened here recently I had a baptism that was really awesome this past week(mirical). I didnt actually get to see the baptism but i saw him afterwards and he was the happiest hes been in his life. I saw hime right after and i could see that he had a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders. So yea it was an experience very spiritual for me. now you may be wondering why it was a mirical(?) its because Miguel quit crazk cocain an every drug you could think of because of the book of mormon (cold turkey) and has a testmony and dosent even know how to read. 

so yea that was my most recent baptism and what not outside of that not much else has happened so i hope yuou alll are well and ill talk to you next week
From Mark

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