Thursday, August 3, 2017

Captain's Log 33

 Hey, hows it going everyone!

This week was pretty interesting we had an emergency transfer and 2 people from my district went to a city out in the middle of the sticks so that happened. i have a new comp now hes american and has about 5 month out in the field so i have to translate a fair amount because at time he dosent understand or the other person dosent understand so thats always fun. thats waht happens when your a district leader you just kind of go withthe flow you help the people transfer when that kind of thing happens. 

This past week i made 9 months out on the mission and times flying. it snaps by and your at 3 months then 6 then next thing you know your at the end. this can apply to life also so take some time and dont live life to fast slow down and smell the roses.
- Thoughts from Elder Bledsoe

Talk to you all next week! 

(Sorry no pics need to fix my cam)

From Mark

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